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EU Migrant Workers Are Important To The UK

In or out of Europe, as long as it remains buoyant Britain will always need a huge amount of Migrant Workers.

The economics of labour supply is simply based on demand and supply.

The working population of the indigenous British is in decline because as the “Baby Boomers” generation of the post World War era retire they are not being replaced in adequate numbers by a declining birthrate of the next generation.

In the post war years birth rates in the UK boomed but then declined rapidly by almost 25 percent which in terms of demographics is massive.

Europe will always be the natural place to turn to to meet this labour shortage due to the fact it is our closest neighbor, both logistically and characteristically. After all Flights are cheap and only take 3 to 4 hours.

East Europeans have an excellent reputation with UK Employers. They are widely regarded as conscientious and reliable. As well as needed, they will always be welcome.

Whilst control of UK borders is a key desire of the British people it is not the closure of UK borders.

Genuine workers from all parts of Europe should not have concerns about prospects of working  in the UK.

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