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MFG Milk “Scam”

MFG Milk “Scam”

MFG operate what can only be called a “milk scam”. As we have said all the Companies negotiate the prices for almost all the products supplied to their sites. Milk supplies are no exception.

MFG have negotiated milk prices with West Country Milk Consortium. The Contract Managers are invoiced 30 – 40% more than the prices MFG have negotiated. At one time I calculated Contract Managers were paying 50% more than the general market price for 2litres milk.

It doesn’t take a genius to guess where the difference goes.

This policy is apparently legal but is it ethical or morally correct?

It surely isn’t beneficial for what they call your business.

How can this help your footfall? How can this be good for your business?

Answer it can’t be!

One of the most basic, fundamental products if not THE MOST basic fundamental product and you have to charge your customers way above the market price.

We could understand a 10% differential but 34-40%. NO WAY!

Within MURCO as it was, this was known as Tony Walker’s baby. We can think of a better phrase – more like “con”

What are you paying today?

If you don’t believe me look at this invoice from West Country Milk for a small purchaser in January 2015. How much more are you current Contract Managers paying?

What are you paying today?



You will notice that these prices are for very small quantities and that because of this even better prices are available from West Country Milk.

Ask Gary Pearce, who has worked for all the suppliers in this chain: Costcutter, Murco/MFG and now West Country Milk Consortium. He will be able to give the full picture of which company makes what profit out of you. In our opinion he should be interviewed by those government institutions responsible for fair trading; The Competition and Markets Authority (www.gov.uk/government/organisations/competition-and-markets-authority) And Financial Conduct Authority (www.fca.org.uk)

Join us in petitioning these Authorities to stop this unethical, abusive behaviour of MFG and any other companies that practice this disgraceful profiteering out of you, see the form below.

In our calculation MFG and others operating this sort of abuse are making £15000 and more from EACH site “through the back door”. Multiply this by the number of sites (470) then this is anything up to £7 MILLION.

This is not an example any one would expect or accept in “a great business opportunity”: it is what anyone would expect in a “con”.

This is not a relationship built on fairness, a partnership or the principle of working together to make profit for both parties to a contract.

We invite comments from all parties including the suppliers; Costcutter, West Country Milk and MFG management.

Do other companies operate similar “cons” on milk or indeed any other products.

Comments are welcome from Rontec, MRH retail, Malthurst, Park (and any other) Contract Managers and Commission operators.

Unethical Behaviour

Join us in petitioning these organisations to stop this unethical abusive behaviour of MFG and any other companies that practice this disgraceful profiteering out of you.


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