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Contract Manager

Providing insights into the forecourt world

Our Aims

MFG, Rontec, MRH Retail are the major independent petrol forecourt operators. As well as some other smaller companies, they all manage their petrol retail sites in similar ways. Some call their site managers “Contract Managers” and others call their site managers “Commision Operators”

They offer management of their sites to self employed business persons with the attraction of running “your own business”. You are expected to sign contracts that tie you to their regime.

You may attend open days which will be very informal and friendly. If you express interest and have the required funds or financial support you will be asked to attend an interview. There may not even be a current vacancy because these companies like to have a list of approved prospective Contract Managers or Commission Operators in the pipeline ready to take occupancy when an existing manager or operator decides they have had enough or in many cases “go bust”.

The turnover of manager/operators is quite high some sites have had 4 or 5 changes of management in 5 or 6 years. Some managers are even forced to “do runners” to flee the trap they are in.

There are people who make a success of a site and tolerate the horrible working environment. However you can rest assured these better sites where the Contract Manager/Commission Operator can make an acceptable living will very rarely become available. So beware!

You may naturally get the impression at the open days and interviews that you are joining an organization built on a fair “partnership” and the principle of working together to make profit for both parties to the contract: YOU and the Fuel Company!

However, this is not so in most cases. Many Contract Managers or Commission Operators become disillusioned once they take up their positions. They discover they are, more or less, employees without any employee benefits.

The Managers/Operators more often than not discover a very oppressive environment that embraces a culture of control and management by fear that can only be described as bullying.

Far from a relationship built on fairness, a partnership, or the principle of working together to make profit for both parties to the contract:

almost everything is set up so the company can make money out of YOU.

Different companies have different ways to make money out of you. These vary from a ridiculously harsh system of fines to ridiculously high prices for key products like milk that they force you to pay (so they get a large rebate from the milk supplier).

Most companies pass all the risks of losing money through stock theft, drive offs, forgeries, damages, health and safety issues, and strict employment laws and their associated costs to you.

The objectives of this website are:-

Make prospective Contract Managers/Commission Operators aware of what they are committing themselves to.

Provide a forum for existing,past and future Contract Mangers/Commission Operators to share their experiences and inform prospective ones of the risks of joining these organizations.

To compel these forecourt companies to offer fairer contracts and management methods that meet the moral and ethical standards of the 21st century – to provide a relationship that enables both parties to make profit together in a harmonious environment.

We also welcome comments from any company or individual associates of Fuel Forecourt Operators, especially past employees.

Any person requiring detailed information or advice please contact www.mcgassociates.com