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Contract Manager | Providing insights into the forecourt world

Contract Manager

Providing insights into the forecourt world

Contract Manager Insights

MFG (Motor Fuel Group), Rontec, MRH (Malthurst) Retail are major independent petrol forecourt operators. They all manage their petrol retail sites in similar ways. Some call their site managers “Contract Managers” and others call their site managers “Commision Operators”

They offer management of their sites to self employed business persons with the attraction of running “your own business”. You are expected to sign contracts that tie you to their regime.

Far from a relationship built on fairness, a partnership, or the principle of working together to make profit for both parties to the contract:

everything is set up so the company can make money out of YOU.


Make prospective Contract Managers/Commission Operators aware of what they are committing themselves to.

Share Experiences

Provide a forum for existing Contract Mangers/Commission Operators to share their experiences and inform prospective ones of the risks of joining these organizations.

Promote Fairness

To compel these forecourt companies to offer fairer contracts and management methods that meet the moral and ethical standards of the 21st century

Our Aims

Many Contact Managers or Commission Operators become disillusioned once they take up their positions. For more detailed information regarding our aims, what were all about and how we can help…

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Running your own business

Below is a “Linkedin” entry of a fuel forecourt Area manager (Personal) Summary • Responsible for 21 forecourts within UK, predominantly based within the Midlands. • Providing training, guidance and problem resolution to self-employed site franchisees on a round the clock basis, 7 days a week. • Responsible for all aspects of site procedures including cash management, health and safety requirements, valeting sales, shop management and purchase requisitions. • Enforcement of commercial awareness and best practice to Franchisees, through regular site reviews and official audit processes You will note the use of the word “Enforcement” which expresses the company’s management style and the control its management maintain over “YOUR” business. What it doesn’t say is the Area Sales Managers are responsible for the company’s profits from the site. They are, as I have stated, there to ensure “the company” makes money out of YOU. They monitor your every step except the relationship between you and your employees. Firstly this “great business opportunity” is NOT a franchise – A COURT JUDGE has said so. It bears few if any characteristics of a genuine franchise. In truth the forecourt site you run or will run is not your business. You are little more than a labour master supplying and managing the staff to run the company’s site. You are expected to work as many hours as you physically can, manning the till, serving customers. You will need to employ people to do the work you can’t cover. The deal you are offered will be so tight and to the fuel companies financial benefit that to make a wage of any description you will struggle.... read more

Fine System

Some operators are increasingly promoting a harsh fine system. Fines are imposed for a wide range of “offences”, non compliance, failures etc. Call them whatever you like. In your interview fines are most likely mentioned, but in my experience made light of, even laughed and joked about. They are written into your contract in a way that they are referred to in your interview, very much played down. Fines or debits as they are often referred to are no joke. However the contract expression allows the Company to fine you for almost anything they want, at any time they want. There is little or no recourse to object or appeal against the fine and the direct debit commitment to the company that you agree to when you sign the contract. Failure to return or honour a direct debit is against your contract and to do so is a breach. This method of punishment is totally unfair and against all our understanding of natural justice in the developed world. The fining/debiting system is clear evidence of the company doing what they want when they want and making money out of you. They may tell you your non compliance with their desires costs them the value of the fine/debit. What nonsense! Fines or debits for as much as £150/200 have been charged for opening 1 minute late. Believe you me they have sophisticated methods of monitoring this; ranging from ringing from the shop land line phone, to the alarm company monitoring the times of switching off the burglar alarm at your site. Here is a list of examples of fines: Opening... read more